The Best Writing Blogs in Los Angeles, CA: A Guide for Writers

Los Angeles is a bustling city of 18 million people, and it's no surprise that it's home to some of the most extraordinary writers in the world. Every year, the city hosts several creative conferences, and writers can find work as independent contractors, staff writers, and editors for local companies. Craigslist is a great platform for writers looking for temporary writing jobs in the Los Angeles area. Writers in Los Angeles have the freedom to work on staff, independently, or somewhere in between.

Online job repositories such as Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and Indeed typically offer the best lists of permanent and long-term jobs in the greater Los Angeles area. Writers can also find work creating content for websites, writing marketing texts, ghostwriting blogs, and working as technical writers. Shared workspace or “coworking space” is an interesting phenomenon that has emerged in recent years and can provide a solo writer with the office space needed to carry out their business beyond writing tasks, jobs and real tasks. Writers may find it easy to put on a pair of headphones and write in the coffee shop down the street, but many writers need the peace and solitude of a personal space to write.

In Los Angeles, there are several workshops, conferences and events for creative writers interested in presenting a television program or skilled technical writers with experience in a highly specialized area such as aerospace engineering or international trade. You'll also find screenwriting, creative writing, LGBT writing and dramaturgy groups, as well as hyperlocal groups that meet in communities such as Los Feliz, Santa Monica, Studio City and Pasadena. In short, specialized blog writers can help companies and individuals create top-notch content that reaches their intended readers. With so many opportunities available for writers in Los Angeles, it's no wonder why it's one of the most active and prolific markets for freelance writing.

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