25 Writing Residencies in the US: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Creative Work

For many aspiring authors, one of our greatest literary dreams is to attend writing residencies. Residencies offer time and space for authors to focus solely on our creative work and are often held in idyllic and beautiful environments that will undoubtedly overcome even the most stubborn writer's block. But with so many writing residencies available, how do you begin to determine the one that's right for you? In this article, we introduce you to 25 residencies in the United States. Every fall, a two-week residency is offered to poets, fiction writers, and creative non-fiction writers at a lodge on Lake Twitchell, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains.

Six residents are selected, three from the Adirondack region and three from anywhere in the world. The residencies last from one week to two months and are located in Ghent, New York, with views of the Catskill Mountains. Prominent publishers, literary agents, and book seekers are often invited to share dinner and a conversation with the writers. Food, lodging and local transportation are provided. Founded by artists in 1984, Vermont Studio Center is located in a small, inclusive town in the Vermont Green Mountains.

The two-to-twelve-week residency, which lasts all year round, includes a private studio, accommodation, meals, and access to the Visiting Artists and Visiting Writers Program. An artist-in-residence studio and an efficient apartment located in the Lower Town arts district of Paducah, Kentucky. Stays range from two weeks to three months. Although historically aimed at visual artists, the show has recently seen an influx of resident writers. Residences last up to four weeks year-round at a Victorian farmhouse in Reisterstown, Maryland, 25 miles north of Baltimore. Residents are provided with private accommodation, either in an adorable cabin or in a beautifully renovated barn. Located on 600 forested acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, this residence includes a private cabin and studio.

Community dinners are included in the stay. Residents are free to use their time however they want; no workshops, critiques, or activities are required. Residences of five days to three months are offered year-round at Camp Wonder Wander, in the rural hills of Lewis County, Tennessee. Residents have private bedrooms. This residence is ideal for writers looking for a more rustic and immersive experience in nature.

One-month residencies are offered at no cost, although residents are expected to participate in a community event during their stay. Residents are also responsible for their own meals and transportation costs. Located in the Duval Street neighborhood of Key West, Florida. Residences of two weeks to two months at the VCAA, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Residents receive private accommodation, work space and meals, as well as access to facilities at nearby Sweet Briar College. Scholarships and financial aid are available depending on needs. Located in Red Wing, Minnesota, the Anderson Center opened in 1945 and offers two to four week residencies from May to October of each year. The residence is free and all food is provided.

Located in Lake Forest, Illinois thirty miles north of Chicago Ragdale offers nearly 200 residencies and scholarships each year. Residencies last from one to three weeks. There is a fee to attend but limited financial aid is available based on needs. Two-to six-week residences located in a picturesque 350-acre cereal factory operating in Northern Indiana near Lake Michigan.

Residents have access to a private room a workspace a library local transportation and a welcome meal; other meals and travel expenses not included. Space is limited to four residents per session. Designed to accommodate one resident at a time this is the most suitable residence for those who are comfortable with solitude. However residents are encouraged to interact with the local arts community in Northwest Michigan.

The residencies which last three to eight weeks include a fee to help cover expenses as well as occasional shared meals. Four-and five-week residencies from mid-March to mid-November in Woodside California in more than 580 acres of redwood forests and coastal grasslands. Residents are provided with accommodation meals and study space. This residence one of the most exclusive environments on this list takes place in the classic Mineral Elementary School of 1947 in a lake city near the mountain.

One-to two-week residencies include healthy meals prepared by culinary volunteers. Each resident stays and works in an old 800 square foot classroom. Located on a 20 000 acre ranch in northeastern Wyoming Ucross is perhaps one of the best known residences on this list Past residents include Annie Proulx Colson Whitehead and Joy Harjo Residents have accommodation meals work space and uninterrupted time to focus on their creative process There is no charge for residency. Located on 16 acres on the southwest coast of Washington State this residence combines solitude with community Each one month residence includes lodging meals and work space free of charge for six residents every month from April to October. For those who love outdoor activities USA UU The Forest Service The National Park Service And The U S Department Of State UU Fish Wildlife Service & offers one-to two week residencies in Alaska Residents are provided with camping equipment And Are Assigned An Experienced Ranger With Whom They Explore Nature And Help With Fieldwork And Research Residents Are Asked To Donate A Creative Work To The Host Federal Agency And To Make A Public Presentation That In Some Way Connects The Community To Their Public Lands, there may be affiliate links on this website which means that we may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. The four week residencies are held at a cattle ranch In The Lower Piney Creek Valley In Sheridan Wyoming.

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