15 Best Writing Classes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of millions of people and a hub for creative writing. With so many opportunities for writers, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are the 15 best writing classes in Los Angeles to help you hone your craft and take your writing to the next level. The Los Angeles Writers Group (LAWG) was founded in 2003 by Nicole Criona and Sanora Bartels with the express goal of providing writers with a community of support and feedback throughout their creative writing journey.

LAWG offers several writing workshops, as well as private and group training for more intensive and personalized training. The LAWG team offers in-person and online workshops to help their writers learn and grow, regardless of location or time restrictions. Her workshop, First-Drive Incubator 2.0, is led by Nicole Criona, who has more than 15 years of experience helping writers in novels, screenplays, short stories, poetry, essays and memoirs. As a specialist in editing, development and author training, Nicole is also a writer and a veteran of the publishing industry. This course offers includes 2 hours a month of private training, two monthly online meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, a 10% discount on private training and a 20% discount on other workshops, retreats and online writing challenges.

They are currently offering Short Story 1, a short story writing workshop taught by Abigail Ulman. Abigail is the author of “Hot Little Hands” and recently won the Wallace Stegner Fellowship for Fiction at Stanford University. In this class, she hopes to help you with the essentials of fiction writing, such as productive sketching, plot mapping, character, plot, change, and pointing out errors that are very common among inexperienced writers. Jonathan Blum is the author of “The Last Word” and “The Usual Uncertainties”. After graduating from UCLA and the Iowa Writers Workshop, Jonathan moved to Los Angeles and now offers a variety of writing classes. It currently offers a six-week fiction writing workshop with a limited class of 10 students.

In this course, she helps her students create short story workshops and excerpts from novels of up to 20 pages to help with structure, characterization and language. The Second City is an organization founded in 1959 by Bernie Sahlins, Howard Alk and Paul Sills with the goal of making a big impact on the entertainment industry. Among other things, Second City offers writing workshops at its Hollywood headquarters, such as its intensive satirical writing and its individual exhibition workshop, currently led by Anne Marie Scheffler. The Los Angeles Writers Lab was founded by Alan Watt, author of “The Novel of 90 Days” and “The Screenplay of 90 Days”. Alan founded LA Writer's Lab in 2002 to provide a place for writers to better develop their art and their ability to tell a story. Alan himself has worked as a screenwriter and director of the award-winning film Interior Night, so he can definitely teach aspiring writers a thing or two about how to apply their skills to their unique stories. As a city where a significant part of the economy comes from entertainment, it's no surprise that Los Angeles hosts several creative conferences every year.

With several locations in Los Angeles, Writing Pad offers a variety of different classes for different types of writers. Corey currently offers a professional screenwriting and television writing workshop for writers living in Los Angeles. Some writers may find it easy to put on a pair of headphones and write in the coffee shop down the street, but many writers need the peace and solitude of a personal space to write. Writing Workshops Los Angeles (WWLA) is undoubtedly a leading authority when it comes to helping writers broaden their horizons and hone their creative writing skills. With more than 18 million people living in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, writing jobs are available in virtually every community in the 4,700 square miles of Los Angeles County and beyond. Widely regarded as one of the best writing programs Los Angeles has to offer, UCLA Extension offers classes on the basics of writing, fiction (for beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers), creative nonfiction (for beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers), writing for young readers, poetry, and editing and publishing courses. However, Los Angeles is a city of millions of people and most of its writers don't use their first names, such as Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese.

Alan currently offers a writing masterclass for writers who want to complete their projects for publication or production. These are some workshops, conferences and events to consider whether you are a creative writer interested in presenting a television program or if you are a skilled technical writer with experience in a highly specialized area such as aerospace engineering or international trade. We also organize monthly book panels, readings and debates with award-winning writers in many genres such as fiction, memoirs, screenplays television writing journalism and dramaturgy. Craigslist tends to work well for writers looking for temporary writing jobs as Los Angeles is one of the most active and prolific markets for the platform.

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