Where to Find Writers and Brainstorm Ideas in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for a place to brainstorm ideas and collaborate with other writers in the Los Angeles area? WritersBlok Los Angeles is the ideal spot for aspiring authors to meet people from the writing and publishing industry and expand their network. With a range of monthly plans available, this specialized coworking space has something for everyone. In addition, WritersBlok Los Angeles provides seminars, information panels, social activities and more. After completing your first draft, you'll know who to contact to get your work published. For those looking to take their writing to the next level, consider joining the bimonthly group meetings of the Story Farm Zoom workshop with Max Timm and your fellow writers.

This creative writing weekend is designed for writers who want to learn the art of telling exceptional stories in an intensive environment. Spend one weekend developing your screenplay, a way for writers to set aside time to write a lot and, at the same time, meet other writers who are doing the same. If you're looking for a more structured approach, join multitalented novelist, playwright, nonfiction writer and screenwriter Sarah Schulman in her creative writing class that focuses on fiction and nonfiction for all levels. Sarah is a distinguished professor of Humanities at the College of Staten Island and a fellow at the New York Institute of Humanities. She has developed a pedagogy in which she works with prose writers at all levels, from beginners to those who have published multiple works. This space is specifically designed for writers to help them break down projects into smaller parts.

WritersBlok Los Angeles is the perfect place for authors to find inspiration and collaborate with other writers in the Los Angeles area.

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